Servicios Palmvit

Services. Flexibility. Adaptability

On Demand projects. Unique solutions tailored to unique situations. Our experience in the field of chemical engineering obliges us to constantly extend our services towards total flexibility and adaptability to requirements of our customers.

TECHNICAL CONSULTING. Advice on project development as well as on isolation and separation of unsaponifiable components of vegetable oils.

ANALYSIS AND TESTING of raw materials and processes.

DESIGN AND IMPLEMENTATION of processes and components related to solvent oil extraction, refining of vegetable oils (crude), catalyzed hydrogenation and saponification (soaps and surfactants).

Processing plant for distilled fatty acids obtained from refining crude palm oil, soya, sunflower or any other oils (physical refining) in order to obtain: NATURAL tocopherols and tocotrienols, VIT E 1000Un., sterols, biodiesel (CE standards for mixing with diesel), BIOLUBRICANTS, SQUALENE and SOAPS.

This plant also directly processes CPO, but final products may vary as the components are usually more dilute in the crude form than after distillation.

FUNDING OF PROJECTS through Spanish banking entities and institutions related to innovation and export.

CONSULTING, MARKETING & COMMUNICATION. Advice on the development of strategic plans related to the sale of vegetable oil derivatives including the corporate image of the producing companies.

Servicios Palmvit
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