Procesamiento 360º de Aceites Vegetales

PALMVIT. Vegetable oils Processing for natural Phytonutrients Extraction

PALMVIT is a chemical engineering company specializing in processing of vegetable oils. Its technical developments based on Molecular Distillation technology allow to obtain biofuels, soaps and highly concentrated phytonutrients from palm, soy, sunflower or any other oils.

Led by the Spanish team that designed the antioxidant plants catering currently to Europe and parts of North America, PALMVIT has the advanced know-how about extracting carotenes (Provitamin – A), tocopherols and natural tocotrienols (Vitamin E), sterols, squalenes, isoflavones and other products of great value in the markets of food, cosmetics and pharmaceutics. Known by the qualities to lower cholesterol, slow celular aging, improve eyesight, skin and cardiovascular health obtained phytonutrients, when incorporated in functional foods and beverages, nutraceutical supplements, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, meet a growing demand generating a worldwide turnover of over $US 900 billions.

Our Projects in the field of Industrial Engineering Chemistry help producers and vegetable oil processors to extract the maximum efficiency from your business adding to your revenue line profits from extraction of biodiesel and natural vitamins; which ensures maximum profitability of agricultural resources and could increase the income from palm and soybean production up to 10 times.

On a smaller scale, the developments PALMVIT offers directly to wrappers of supplements, food and agricultural laboratories, beauty and pharmaceutical parlours, allow these industries to offer high purity ingredients that significantly increase the value of their own products.

PALMVIT works with principles of efficiency, reliability and accuracy. Credentials and qualifications of our professionals, the cutting-edge technology and highly advances technical equipment at our disposal make the company the leading engineering institution in the world specialized in processing of vegetable oils.

Our so-called Module B as well as our unit of I+D+I are hubs of ideas generating new projects such as Super Critical CO2 Extraction or creation of new derivatives. In the Module we look at everything under a prism that of sustainability that prioritizes consumer welfare, fair development of the agrarian economy and respect for the environment.

Processing of vegetable oils
Processing vegetable oils
Processing vegetable oils