I+D+I Palmvit

R&D. Module B

Module B is the PALMVIT research centre. Its mission is to develop new technologies in order to maximize efficiency in obtaining derivatives from vegetable oils.

Super Critical CO2 extraction, procurement of new subproducts from palm soybean oils, development of new formats, this lab, working with important institutions such as the University of Castilla la Mancha (Spain) various processes are being investigated and improved in order to meet the most demanding requirements of food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.

Chemical and industrial engineers, experts in pharmacy, nutrition and food technology join their efforts in intense work in PALMVIT‘s unit R&D to answer the challenges of future science.

But in this Module not only we talk about science itself, we also discuss vision, approach and our role in the development of agricultural and rural economies; a matter that concerns us, reflects who we are and expresses our commitment to the welfare, health and prosperity of the places where our projects can be carried out.

I+D+I Palmvit